A1 Pest Control is a quality pest extermination services that takes pride in its professionalism and caring attitude towards their customers.  Providing both residential...

A1 Pest Control is a quality pest extermination services that takes pride in its professionalism and caring attitude towards their customers.  Providing both residential and commercial services, the company specializes in providing a calm and cost effective solution to a understandably stressful problem.  The company’s most popular service is their general pest inspection, pretreatment, and insulation service with the total home or business monitoring solution coming in a close second.  A1 prices are always reasonable making them a favorite among budget conscious clients.  If you are searching for the most accurate A1 rates then you have come to the right place.  Below you will find the most accurate estimate of A1 prices available.

Below are the latest A1 prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
Exterior Treatment$80 per quarter
Interior and Exterior Treatment$130 per quarter
Insect Exterior Treatment and Termite Watch$105-$200 per quarter
Insect Exterior and Interior Treatment with Termite Monitoring$150-$215 per quarter
Termite Treatment$700-$1600
Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Treatment$350-$775 (based on square foot of treatment area)
Annual Bed Bug Protection$2,000 per year
Wildlife Removal$150-$27

A1 Services

Ant Extermination

Ant infestation is a situation that can quickly go from being a minor inconvenience to a major problem.  Often targeting areas that are used for food storage, the pests can spread throughout the exterior and interior of a property.  Since there are several species of ants that are difficult to easily tell apart making it hard for a property owner to effectively treat ants without professional help.  Worse, some species of ants eat wood and can cause structural damage that may go unnoticed.  A1 Pest Control prices make getting professional help exterminating these pests an affordable option that can help you maintain the long term value of your property.

Bed Bug Extermination

The average home or hospitality provider finds itself under siege by bed bugs after the blood drinking insects are brought to the property by an unsuspecting carrier.  Since bed bugs normally nest in out of the way areas, it is very difficult to notice them before they become a problem of epidemic proportions.  Fortunately, A1 Pest Control prices offer affordable options to completely removing the infestation from your property using highly effective treatment methods that kill the pests and disrupt the breeding cycle.  Once the bed bugs are initially removed the technicians will make follow up visits to ensure no area has been overlooked.


Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches are not only an embarrassing pest to have living on your property, they are also a dangerous sanitary concern.  Multiplying quickly and able to infest walls, cockroaches can become resistant to pesticides sold in retail stores.  A1 pest specialists are able to find where the cockroaches are nesting and destroy the colony from its base of operations.  From there they are able to help you seal up points of entry, create a barrier around the home, and provide follow up services to make sure all of the pests are eliminated.

If you are ready to have your home protected then visit the A1 website by clicking HERE or calling them directly at 770-459-2101.  Customer service representatives can help you schedule a service visit to determine what treatment option is best for your unique situation.  Benefit from years of experience and low A1 prices by scheduling your next visit today.