Founded in 1928 by Julius C. Ehrlich, the original incarnation of Ehrlich Pest Control was a one-man operation that specialized in selling equipment for...

Founded in 1928 by Julius C. Ehrlich, the original incarnation of Ehrlich Pest Control was a one-man operation that specialized in selling equipment for do it yourself extermination. At that time few people considered hiring help for their pest extermination needs, but Ehrlich recognized the possible need and worked to fill the brand new niche. Today the company has grown to a thriving business with 45 offices throughout the United States. Customers who benefit from low Ehrlich prices also receive a high level of customer service that focuses on health and safety. If you are curious about the current Ehlrich prices then you have come to the right place. Below you will find the latest Ehrlich rates.

Below are the latest Ehrlich prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
Initial Treatment$350
Follow-up Treatment$45
Annual Preventative Inspection$125
Real Estate Home Inspection$150-$250
Termite Treatment$700-$1500
Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Treatment$750-$3000
Bees and Wasps
Nest Removal after Routine Treatment$100
Wildlife Removal$225-$350

Ehrlich Services

Home Pest Control

Having pests make a home in your property is a danger not only to the structural integrity of the building, but also to your children and pets. Ehrlich has helped thousands of families to identify and destroy pests before they can cause serious damage. Ehrlich Pest Control prices include options for year round protection, once annual service calls, and other home pest control options that are designed to prevent bug invasions.

Termite Control

Termites are every property owner’s nightmare, and most are rarely aware of them until after they have already caused significant (and noticeable) property damage. Ehrlich Pest Control prices offer affordable options to those who need an experienced technician to deal with an infestation of termites. Technicians are able to determine the extent of an invasion and completely destroy the colony. Once the colony is eradicated the technician will set up a protective barrier to prevent their future return.

Bird Control

Nesting birds often destroy landscaping and buildings while getting the materials to build a secure place to lay eggs. Once the eggs have hatched birds become aggressive and dangerous in order to protect their offspring from any perceived threats. In addition to attacking homeowners in order to protect their nests, birds also carry ticks, fleas, lice, and attract rodents causing secondary pest invasions.

Commercial Properties

Ehrlich Pest Control prices also include rates for commercial property owners who need to protect their property in order to maintain their reputation and the safety of everyone visiting the property. Ehrlich specializes in providing pest control services to food service businesses and healthcare providers. In addition to providing complete protection the company has a team that is dedicated to serving clients who handle food.

When you are ready to have an Ehrlich team member visit your house or commercial property visit their website by clicking HERE. Also feel free to call them directly at 1-888-976-4649 to speak to a trained staff member. Take advantage of their extensive pest control experience and low Ehrlich prices by setting up a service call or consultation at your convenience.