Western was originally founded in 1928 by J.E. Sameth, an entrepreneur who was able to build and maintain a business throughout the Great Depression. ...

Western was originally founded in 1928 by J.E. Sameth, an entrepreneur who was able to build and maintain a business throughout the Great Depression.  With the aid of his family he was able to provide property owners with protection from insects and other vermin.  Western prices are highly competitive, and today their experienced technicians provide high quality service to residential and commercial properties.  Western Pest Control services include protection from bed bugs, termites, and more.  If you are curious about how much Western services cost then you have come to the right place.  Below you will find an estimate of Western prices.

Below are the latest Western prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
One-Time Treatment$125
Annual Treatment Plan$150 first visit
Follow-up Treatments$50
Termite Protection$200 yearly
Termite Real Estate Inspection$449
Termite Treatment$2,000-$4,000
Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Inspection$300
Bed Bug Treatment$1,500-$3,000
Bees and Wasps
Nest Removal and Spraying$100
Rodent Bait and Removal$175-$450 (based upon infestation size and type of entry point sealing needed)

Western Services

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are an insect that seek blood and until recently were virtually irradiated in homes throughout the United States.  More frequent travel has caused a resurgence in the pests as they are often found in cruise ships, dorm rooms, hotels, and furnished apartments making it easy for them to transfer themselves to your home.  Western specializes in finding an eradicating bed bugs through a three step process.  Western Pest Control prices offer affordable solutions for bed bug detection that includes the use of bug sniffing dogs.  Once the treatment process is completed Western schedules periodic follow ups to ensure the bed bugs are eliminated and they also offer a warranty that guarantees continued service until your problem is solved.


Termites are a serious problem and Western Pest Control prices include three different termite treatment programs that are proven to eliminate your problem and save your property from further damage.  Their popular defense program is guaranteed to destroy an established colony in less than 120 days to completely stop the damage caused by constant termite feeding and breeding.  Alternatively, Western offers a bait system that monitors termite activity electronically while destroying the colony and a liquid defense program that treats around the perimeter of the house before following up with an interior treatment.  Each defense option is designed to completely destroy the colony and protect the property from further invasions.

Pest Control

Western Pest Control prices give homeowners the chance to benefit from affordable year round protection from some of the most common household pests.  Their protection program keeps ants, cockroaches, fleas, mice, spiders, and more from entering or infesting your property.  These plans include emergency visits to remove rodents or other wildlife and offers a money back guarantee that allows you to receive a full refund if you find that you are not 100% satisfied with the service that you receive.

When you are ready to have one of Western’s professional technician service your property call 1-877-958-0671.  Also feel free to visit their website by clicking HERE to fill out an online request form.  You can benefit from low Western prices and years of pest control experience by requesting a free inspection of your property and setting up pest control service.