Founded over 80 years ago, Massey has become a pest control company that is recognized for its excellent customer service and experienced technicians. Massey...

Founded over 80 years ago, Massey has become a pest control company that is recognized for its excellent customer service and experienced technicians. Massey prices are competitive making them a good choice for anyone on a budget who needs quality pest control. Specializing in termite control, Massey provides complete pest control options that will protect you and your family from insect invasions. If you are curious about how much Massey costs then you are at the right place. Below you will find an estimate of the most recent Massey prices.

Below are the latest Massey prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
One-Time Exterior and Interior Service$497
Annual Service Initial Treatment$150
Quarterly Follow-Up Treatment$80
Termite Protection$100
Termite Treatment$500-$1200
Mosquito Abatement Annual $135
Mosquito Abatement One Time Treatment$70

Massey Services

Pest Prevention

Massey understand that most property owners need more than just pest control, they want to completely prevent pests from entering their property or breeding to infestation levels. Their service technicians look at the long term implications of any type of pest invasion and work hard to help keep your property protected. Massey pest control prices are reasonable and secure your home making it impossible for pests to enter before moving on to eliminate any current infestations.

Mosquito Abatement

Each year homeowners find themselves plagued by mosquitoes. Not only do the pests ruin summer fun, they also carry many diseases. In addition to risking exposure to West Nile Virus and Malaria, some people and pests are highly allergic to mosquito bites. Massey pest control prices include mosquito abatement services that will eliminate the flying insects from your property. Experienced technicians will inspect your property and target areas that are particularly attractive to mosquitos. One time treatment of your property is available or you can choose to have annual mosquito treatment.

Termite Control

No matter how well built or well designed your home is no property is completely safe from termites. Each termite colony contains millions of insects that are constantly breeding and searching for more space. Not only do termites need more space to expand their colonies, they also need food leading them to eat 24 hours each day. Termites cause thousands of dollars in damage each year and can destroy your property if left untreated. Massey pest control prices include options for termite treatment, repairs to structural damage, and repeat visits until the problem is completely eradicated.

If you are ready to have a Massey professional technician visit your property call 1-888-262-7739. Alternatively, you can visit their website by clicking HERE and filling out an online appointment form. Benefit from their decades of experience, extensive training process, and and always low Massey prices.