Founded in 1987, Arrow Pest Control has established itself as one of the leading commercial and residential pest control services. Known for their affordable...

Founded in 1987, Arrow Pest Control has established itself as one of the leading commercial and residential pest control services. Known for their affordable rates, Arrow Pest Control specializes in general pest control, termite treatment, and wildlife removal. The trained technicians offer polite, professional, service and the Arrow Pest Control prices are highly competitive. If you are interested in finding out what an Arrow service call will cost you then you have come to the right place. Below you will find an estimate of current Arrow prices.

Below are the latest Arrow prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
Initial Treatment$130
Follow-up Treatment$75 per visit
Termite Treatment$800-$1800 (based on infestation level)
Mosquito Treatment$55
Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Treatment$500-$2800 (based on infestation level)
Wildlife Control
Wildlife Removal$140-$600 (based on invasion level)

Arrow Services

Pest Control

General pest control is the primary reason that most home and business owners schedule service calls. Arrow Pest Control prices include affordable rates for extermination and preventative services. Their skilled technicians specialize in cockroach extermination and mosquito control. Both of these services are extremely important to help avoid the spread of bacteria and disease. Arrow is also experienced at disposing of ants, bed bugs, and much more.

Termite Control

Each year millions of homes and commercial properties are invaded by termites. Most initial infestations are completely unnoticed allowing the pests to cause billions of dollars in damage that many insurance companies do not cover. Understanding how dangerous untreated termite invasions are, Arrow Pest Control prices include rates for thorough property inspections, termite treatment, and total protection against further termite invasions.

Wildlife Control

Many property owners are subconsciously prepared to deal with the infestation of various insects. Unfortunately, most property owners are taken completely by surprise when wildlife invades their home. It is surprisingly common to have various forms of wildlife nest in attics, basements, garages, and other areas that are not regularly utilized by a property owner. Once wildlife has taken up residence they can endanger your family and cause significant property damage. Worse, many forms of wildlife carry ticks and fleas leading to a secondary infestation that is equally difficult to get rid of. Arrow Pest Control prices give you an affordable way to have mice, squirrels, raccoons, possums, and other wildlife removed from your home.

When you are ready to discuss your personal or residential property needs with a trained professional contact Arrow Pest Control. They can be reached by telephone at 1-888-727-0379 or you can visit their website by clicking HERE. Their experienced staff will help you schedule a consultation visit at a time that is convenient to you and, once you are comfortable they will help you set up a visit to have your home treated.