Cook’s Pest Control started out as a small family business that quickly expanded into a thriving business. Offering professional extermination services to builders, businesses,...

Cook’s Pest Control started out as a small family business that quickly expanded into a thriving business. Offering professional extermination services to builders, businesses, and homeowners; the company specializes in helping property owners reclaim their investment from insects. Able to identify and neutralizing insects Cook’s prices are highly competitive and include guarantees against the return of insects once they are eliminated. All Cook’s employees are thoroughly screened and trained to provide clients with a wide variety of pest control services. If you are curious about how much Cook’s services cost then you have come to the right place. Below you will find an estimate of current Cook’s prices.

Below are the latest Cook’s prices:

PEST CONTROL (Roaches , Ticks, Mosquitos, Ants, etc )
Initial Treatment$150
Follow-up Treatments$75
Annual Termite Prevention $125
Termite Treatment$500-$1200
Flea Treatment$160
Mosquito Treatment$45
Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Treatment$150-$250 per room based on infestation size and square footage
Rodent Removal$125-$250

Cook’s Services

Pest Control

Cook’s Pest Control provides a thorough inspection of commercial and residential properties to identify potential threats or confirm existing infestation. Cook’s Pest Control prices include the treatment of the property’s exterior and interior along with professional sealant services to avoid future problems. After pests are eliminated the company will monitor the property offering regular exterior treatments to prevent any recurring infestations.

Termite Protections

Termites are something that all property owners should guard against. The majority of termite infestations are not detected until after damage has occurred, and Cook’s Pest Control prices include their Termite Patrol and Sentricon System. Both options are new protection methods that were created by the company to offer stronger protection against the threat of termites. These methods completely eliminate colonies that have made their home on your property and have been successfully utilized by Cook’s since 1995. The stations are discreetly placed around the property allowing them to protect your home without affecting it’s outward appearance.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos have gone from being a minor inconvenience to a legitimate threat. The flying insects transmit many diseases including yellow fever and the Zika virus. Reduce the potential harm to your family by investing in Cook’s affordable mosquito control services. This service targets the breeding sites of the mosquitos ultimately reducing the mosquito population around your home by 90% or more. If you are not completely satisfied Cook’s offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Specialized Services

In addition to traditional pest control services Cook’s helps property owners protect their homes or businesses by providing foundation ventilation services. Through the use of Temp-Vents moisture found in crawl spaces is reduced and moisture barriers placed around the property help keep the vented areas dry. Preventing excess moisture helps avoid expensive long term property damage.

If you are ready to have a Cook’s professional pest control technician visit your home or business call 1-800-239-9898. The trained specialists will help you schedule a consultation or set up a service appointment. Alternatively, you can visit their website by clicking HERE to benefit from their experienced staff and affordable Cook’s prices.